Extreme Event Engineering

Vibro-Acoustics provides a full line of Extreme Event Engineering services. Our objective is to help consultants, contractors and owners achieve code compliance for seismic and wind activity. We believe that through experienced advice and education, we can help our customers better understand their local building code and the involved risks. Vibro-Acoustics is committed to reducing the risks associated with restraint design and code compliance for all of our consultant and contractor customers.


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Anchorage Calculations

Whether you’re designing restraints for wind or seismic activity, you need precise anchorage and turnover calculations for code compliance and proper selection of the restraint system. At Vibro-Acoustics, we’re experts on performing these engineering calculations for all HVAC equipment.

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Building Code Expertise

Use us as your building code encyclopedia. If you have any questions on design, code compliance, risk or installation, or would like to set up a consultative education session, we are here to help. Vibro-Acoustics is your single source for Extreme Event Engineering.

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Onsite Coordination

Projects often call for numerous sub-trades working in tight spaces, and since each sub-trade is required to install the restraint system for their own systems, the process can get confusing and larger issues can be overlooked. Vibro-Acoustics can reduce the risk of the entire building not complying with code by providing onsite trade coordination as well as one sign-off letter for all trades.