Rounded Corners Floor Mounted Isolators

Floor Mounted Isolators

Equipment designed to be installed resting on a floor can typically be supported at specific points or mounted on a supplemental base which can be supported at points. Vibro-Acoustics’ line of floor-mounted vibration isolators can be installed at these points to absorb equipment vibration energy before it enters the building structure and creates audible noise or noticeable vibrations.  Uniquely-engineered compression springs are used for low frequency vibrations and elastomeric isolators help absorb high frequency vibrations.  Vibration isolators that use a combination of both options to maximize their efficiency are also available.

Free Springs

These vibration isolators are “open” (do not have housings around the springs). Models include FS and FST (includes a top support plate).

Closed Mount

These Vibro-Acoustics isolators include housings around the springs and lateral snubbing elements which both constrain the lateral movement (such as from wind) and dampen equipment vertical motion.

Restrained Spring

Often used with outdoor and water-filled equipment, Vibro-Acoustics’ restrained spring vibration isolators limit movement and help minimize piping connection stresses when equipment is drained for maintenance.


Pads and Elastomeric Mounts

Type NP neoprene rubber pads can be cut to specific sizes to match loading conditions. Type RD neoprene mounts include a threaded insert for attachment. Both options provide effective high frequency isolation on stiff structures.

Seismic Spring

Our restrained spring type isolators with housings are designed to prevent excessive equipment movement due to seismic and wind forces.