Rounded Corners Isolated Rail ARTR

Isolated Rails (RTR/ARTR)

Model RTR and ARTR vibration isolation rails are vibration isolation assemblies installed between a standard roof curb and the supported equipment. The RTR rail is a non-adjustable vibration isolation assembly; the ARTR, by contrast, has a spring adjustability feature. Standard spring deflections available are 1” and 2”. The assembly incorporates a flexible perimeter weather seal to prevent vibration transmission from the upper to lower section. Acoustic barrier panels can be supplied as an integral part of the curb to prevent radiated noise from exceeding the occupied space noise criteria. ARTR isolation rails are designed with heavy-duty snubbers inside the isolator housings along with internal cross bracing to resist seismic and wind loading specific to the project requirements. Stamped engineering calculations are submitted for approval. Vibro-Acoustics can also supply ARTR isolation rails with separate adjustable isolators for pedestal mounted support of condensing unit sections which do not require a full perimeter curb.

Typical applications are retrofits for rooftop air handling units and curb mounted fans with existing standard curbs or for units being supplied with separate curbs.



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Adjustable Isolated Rails


Isolated Rails

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