Rounded Corners


Floor-mounted equipment often requires supplemental support when it is being placed on vibration isolators. Vibro-Acoustics' series of bases can support multiple components and minimize the required number of vibration isolated support points to the building structure. These support bases can be designed as rigid structures to ensure minimal movement and to maintain alignment for equipment with flexibly connected components. The mass of the base raises the inertial forces of the combined assembly, lowering the centre of gravity and reducing the amount of vertical motion. Some bases are installed with additional concrete fill and are called concrete inertia bases (CIB) for this reason.

Typical applications include pumps, large or high-static fans and air compressors to achieve effective vibration isolation.

Cooling Tower Base and Height Saving Bracket CAD Details 

Concrete Inertia Bases

These bases are available in any size to match equipment and piping supports and are typically supplied along with floor-mounted spring isolators.

Steel Bases

These bases are designed to match equipment support points and commonly include accessories such as motor slide rails.

Thrust Restraints

For large and high-static fans on inertia bases, spring-loaded thrust restraints control lateral movement to minimize stresses on electrical and duct connections