Vibration Isolation

Save time on submittal reviews and prevent vibration problems post-design. We only select and specify products after the systems and variables are reviewed and analyzed.


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Labor-Savings Timeline

At Vibro-Acoustics we have one focus when it comes to vibration isolation and restraint systems - to deliver labor savings to installing contractors. This is our mantra.

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Non-Suspended Systems

Vibro-Acoustics offers a full line of isolation and restraint mounts for all HVAC equipment. More importantly, we have the expertise to apply these products solutions to achieve both the desired noise and vibration control.

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Suspended Systems

No matter what the site conditions require, Vibro-Acoustics can apply a vibration isolation solution that fits the preferred installation method.

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Vibration Problems

Vibration problems are usually caused by the moving mechanical elements inside HVAC equipment. Without a careful, methodical approach to the proper selection and application of vibration isolators, problems can arise with significant consequences.

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Floor Mounted Isolators

Vibro-Acoustics’ floor-mounted vibration isolators absorb equipment vibration energy before it enters the building structure.

Isolation Hangers

Vibro-Acoustics’ vibration isolation hangers prevent vibrations of suspended systems from entering the supporting structure.



Vibro-Acoustics' bases can support multiple components and minimize vibration isolated support points to the building structure.


Vibro-Acoustics' curbs are used to provide an elevated perimeter support for mounting air handling units or fans.


Flexible Connectors

Vibro-Acoustics' flexible connectors provide flexible connections to piping systems to reduce movement and noise on connections.