Rounded Corners Seismic Restraint Bracket

Seismic Restraint Brackets (SRB)

Vibro-Acoustics’ Seismic Equipment Restraint Brackets are a series of standardized steel brackets formed to match most equipment base support frames and predrilled to facilitate securing floor-mounted equipment against seismic forces.  The brackets are designed for a wide range of seismic forces and include rubber grommet washers as appropriate to minimize shock forces at anchor locations – helping to ensure equipment not only stays in place during and after an extreme event but also remains operational.  The neoprene grommets also help minimize vibration transmission through the brackets which are commonly used in conjunction with NSN neoprene pad isolators.

Common applications include floor-mounted equipment that have a rigid base frame using formed or structural steel channels or tubes such as air-handling units, fan-coil units, compressors, condensing units, packaged pumping systems, air-cooled chillers, boilers, tanks, etc. which may or may not be mounted on neoprene pad isolators and which require restraint against seismic forces.

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