Rounded Corners Seismic Pipe Stand

Seismic Pipe Stands (SPS/SPSA)

Vibro-Acoustics’ seismic pipe stands are uniquely designed to support the dead load, and provide enough strength to withstand at least 1 g of lateral seismic force. Various site conditions and applications have been considered in its design. We offer three models to best meet the requirements for the installation in a most effective way: SPSA-4 adjustable height from 7-1/2” up to 26-1/2” height for pipe sizes up to 4” diameter, SPS-6 fixed 14” height for pipe sizes up to 6” diameter and SPSA-6 adjustable height around 14” for pipe sizes up to 6” diameter. The adjustable height seismic pipe stands provide allowance for roof slopes and can also accommodate changing pipe sizes.

As a rigid restraint, the seismic pipe stands can be used to restrain piping, ductwork and equipment; however, they are typically used for roof top gas piping.


SPS-6/SPSA-6 Data
SPS-6/SPSA-6 Installation Instructions

SPS-4/SPSA-4 Data 
SPS-4/SPSA-4 Installation Instructions