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BulletBrace Preassembled Adjustable Cable Restraint Kits

Vibro-Acoustics’ BulletBraceTM preassembled adjustable cable restraint kits are used to restrain non-structural components against seismic, wind, or blast forces. With variability in application and need, two sizes of adjustable restraint kits are available with tested and rated maximum allowable tension loads of 1000 lbs and 2000 lbs. BulletBrace kits are completely preassembled, a unique feature in today’s market, making them the fastest restraints to install.

Typical applications include suspended equipment, ductwork, piping, cable tray, and conduit.


BB: Standard Kits

BB-13/19 Data
BB Installation Instructions / BB Attachment Levels for Concrete / BB Attachment Levels for Steel and Wood

BBR: Kits Preassembled with Retrofit Brackets
For easy installation on existing components

BBR-13/19 Data
BBR Installation Instructions / BBR Attachment Levels for Concrete / BBR Attachment Levels for Steel and Wood

DAB Double Anchor Bracket
For attachment to thin slabs or concrete on metal decks to maximize restraint connection capacity

DAB Data and Installation Instructions

Older Models (limited supply)

BB-400/800 Data / BBR-400/800 (Retrofit Bracket) Data
BB/BBR Installation Instructions / BB/BBR Attachment Levels
BulletBrace Brochure